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Clear Round/Well Done Range


These single tier rosettes are made using a traditional knife pleat ribbon 25mm wide with 2 x 20cm tails there are 6 different pack sizes and lots of colours to choose from, packs can be all one colour or mixed (please state preference when ordering), style can also be mixed so long as they meet the pack size.


Colour Choice: See colour choice image.


Choice of fixings include bridle clip, broach pin or tape ties.

50x Clear Round/Well Done Rosettes

  • 50x Clear Round/Well Done Rosettes

    Please choose your fixings.

    Using the additional comments box please advise how many of "clear round" or "well done" you would like & colour (see colour guide image for colour examples).

    If you would like a mix of colours please advise what colours you would like and how many you would like to have "clear round" or "well done".


    25x green (15 well done and 10 clear round) & 25x yellow (15 well done and 10 clear round)

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