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The Champion Range


The Champion range is made using an Elizabethan Ruffle pleat for a fuller fluffy rosette. A 68mm Centre Board is used as standard and available in a range of colours.


Colour Choice: See colour choice image.

- 2 tier rosettes come with 3 x 38mm tails measuring 23cm each.
- 3 tier rosettes come with 4 x 38mm tails measuring 30cm each.
- 4 tier rosettes come with 5 x 38mm tails measuring 40cm each.


Choice of fixings include bridle clip, broach pin or tape ties.

2 Tier Champion Rosettes

  • 2 Tier Rosettes


    Please choose your fixings.


    Using the additional comments box please advise what colour or colours you would like if you order more than 1 rosette (see colour guide image for colour examples).

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